The Davis Family

The Davis Family

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still Waiting...

Well, here's the deal...We received the application in the mail for the agency in Indiana on Saturday. I had it all filled out by Tuesday night, except for a few things I had questions about. I called the agency yesterday morning to have my questions answered. I spoke to the agency director, Nancy, and the first think I asked was about putting on the application that we were ok with an open adoption. Nancy told me that she had a young girl right now wanting an open adoption, and she has not chosen a family, yet. She's having a boy in 6 weeks. Nancy also said that she would start a profile for us as soon as she got the initial application and picture in, and she would show it to the birth mom. We were not expecting our profile to be shown this quickly! Our other agency will not show our profile until everything is done. The birth mom had an appointment tonight at 6:00. I think she was looking at a few profiles. I scanned all of our paperwork before I sent it in so that I could email it all. By 6:00 tonight, the agency had the application, our testimonies, and pictures. They told me that they would definitely show us. I assumed that they would call us and let us know one way or the other. However, we haven't heard from them. We feel like that if the girl chose us, they would have called us, as soon as her appointment was over. We don't know how long she was there, though. They may think it's too late to call. We would be very surprised if this first opportunity went through. We're really just feeling like this is God's way of telling us that this agency might be a better fit for us. No matter what, we know that God has a plan, and His plan is the only one we're interested in!
Stay Tuned...

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  1. God does have a plan- maybe that includes waiting a while.... maybe it will all go quickly and smoothly- only HE knows. He is sovereign and has a perfect provision for the Davis family. Continue trusting in that! I am praying for that sweet baby that will one day become a member of the Davis family- what a blessing that will be to that little one and to each of you. I am also praying for you, Adam, and Hudson, as you wait for HIS perfect will to play out. I love you all so much!!