The Davis Family

The Davis Family

Monday, May 16, 2011

7 More Days!!!

Hi Friends!
The c-section has been changed to May 23rd so we are 7 days away! Everything still looks good. Right now, the birth mom doesn't want to see the baby and wants me to take him immediately. Hopefully, it means we will get a room. If so, we'll probably be able to have visitors. We won't know anything for sure until we get there. I'll try to update my Facebook status, as much as possible.

Hudson still doesn't know exactly what is going on, but I've been talking to him about a baby that might come soon. Today he told me that he's going to teach the baby to speak Spanish. Then he asked, "How do you say iPod in Spanish?"! He's still very excited about the possibility of a baby and says wants to help take care of him. I think he'll be a great big brother!

We're about to put the puzzle together with everyone's names on the back that have donated to bring this sweet baby home. We are so grateful!! There are still some pieces left so if you want to be on the puzzle, hit the donate button below. Pieces are $5.00 each. You can still make your donations to our church but not for long. We won't be able to get the money much after the baby is at home with us. We're still having the pancake breakfast at Applebee's in Spring Hill on June 25th. Those of you who live here will probably get an email about it soon. We'll need some volunteers for ticket sales and serving the food! If you do want to make a donation to our church, make it to Fellowship Bible Church, and put "I Choose You" in the memo line. Before, I said send it directly to the church. However, I have been told that it is better for me to hand deliver the checks. There have been a few missing ones. If you donated and the check didn't go through, let me know. You can send checks to me, and I will make sure we get the credit. Our address is:
3154 Winberry Drive
Franklin, TN 37064
Again, it has to be soon or we won't get it. If it is too late, it will still go towards an adoption.

Many have asked, and we do have a name! He will be Hayden Michael Davis. We want to use another H name, and Michael is Adam's middle name. Hudson said, "Name him after Daddy!" So we are. :) A lot of times, the birth mom names the baby whatever she wants to in the hospital, and then it has to be changed when the adoption is finalized. Our birth mom says that she wants us to name him right away. Her last name will be on the birth certificate until finalization, but we're so glad that Hayden Michael will be on the original one. The birth mom letting us name him is another good sign that she is sure he will be ours! We are still very confident that she won't change her mind, but our hearts are still a little afraid to be fully confident. We continue to pray for God's will in this no matter what that is.

Again, thank you so much for all the prayers and support! We are so blessed to have each of you in our lives!

Praying to bring Hayden home,

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  1. So exciting and just wanted you to know that I am covering all of you and this situation in prayer!!!